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Oh wow, Babs!!  Thank you so very much.  I cried tears of joy reading this. You truly have a gift and I'm so happy you are sharing it.  Your reading spoke to me and I knew it was true as I read it with tears and goosebumps.  I feel reconnected with my Soul and the message of love is something I have felt!!  I have had people come up to me with messages or questions, saying they didn't know why they were sent to talk to me, but they felt they had to do it. I shall begin my writing adventure soon.  I love how you said to play with it.  I think I was taking everything too seriously.  I'm hoping to give hope to people going through cancer or any devastating illness or situation.
Love you,

Ft. Worth, TX

I’ve been sitting with and meditating on my reading. 

I loved it!  I feel like it was spot on and very thorough.  I’ve been told all of those things by people from all over the world, including a yearly reading from readers at the Kripalu Institute, but you tied it together thoroughly and beautifully.

Love and Light,


Ft. Worth, TX


Thanks so much for taking the time to do this reading for me. Much of what you've revealed definitely resonates with my experience. I will ponder all you have brought to light. I love you lots!


Waco, TX

Thank you for the reading - it is so on point.  I am working on not judging the current political (and thus all that entails) situation and relaxing into the knowing that everything is as it should be, and that Trump signed up to be a catalyst to project us into the next evolvement.  However, it can be testy for me when I hear all the lies and the destruction on all levels to remember that a higher purpose is moving us in a more enlightened direction, and I am not in control (nor would I want to be when I really thing about it) of the timing, or how it unfolds.

It was nice that THEY (Spirit Guides, Record Keepers) acknowledged my work and you probably know how much I enjoyed the Wild Woman card showing up to remind me of all the freedom that still exists.  I can see psychically with my clients without judgment, but I still get caught in the net of judgment sometime when the issue is about me.  

I thank you for the lovely reading, it was accurate and your ability to use the cards as a way to give more credence to reading the Akashic is divinely inspired.  I know that when I read cards, hands, etc., I just use them to allow myself to tell more truth in a way it can be received as I am actually reading so much more.

Thanks again, I so appreciate your gift. 

Ms. E

Ft. Worth, TX


Thank you so much! Truly, a great reading. I did a three card spread myself that same morning and had similar results. And your approach to the cards, how to interpret them, was warm/intuitive/enlightening!

I appreciate your time and gift so much. Will def be back!


New York, NY

 Thank you so much! I truly appreciate how much consideration you put into your readings. I wish you here a great Year filled with special delights and joy! 




Babs, keep doing what you’re doing. This was a very sympathetic and encouraging reading which is exactly what I needed. I also feel I learned from your detailed take on the symbolism present in these cards. Thanks so much!

From Ohio with love,


Dear Babs,

Thank you so very much for my reading. Yes, it all makes sense and I am very glad you were the one to do my reading.
I will continue to and try more to listen to my own feelings and intuition and hopefully the answers will indeed start to come up.
Thank you again.

Much love,

South Africa

Very thoughtful and reflective. This is not fortune telling, instead I’m asked to self reflect where the real truth lies within. I knew this, but was afraid. This reading gave me much needed encouragement. 




Thank you so much for this reading! I like the way you broke down the meaning of each individual card and described the imagery. I also like how in the end you wrapped it up and created a summary of the reading to show how the cards work together to create the full message.

I feel like the cards accurately portrayed my current situation and things I might need to be aware of in the near future. Thanks again!



 Hi Babs, I apologize, I only just found your response! Thank you so much for my reading. It was all very spot on- especially your answer to the third question, it's exactly everything I've been thinking and feeling lately. I've been working hard on getting clear about what I really want. And what you said about using my personality and charisma to get a job- I did! I got in touch with a friend and they were needing someone at her work and I got the job! But if I didn't have that connection with her I probably would not have. Thank you so much and I wish you luck with future readings for people. 📷 5 stars 



 Excellent reading! I loved how you sounded very motherly, I needed that. The details for each card was very well explained and accurate. I agree with everything you said, this has given me a lot of closure. 



 Hey Babs, You are absolutely right.I have multitasking a lot lately. What I am requesting from him is some help to have a fresh start in life. And now i feel the way I asked him about it was not correct. I will rephrase it and ask again. Amazing reading!
Thank you so much,